Band of Arteus (FFIX)

Session 4

After dealing with the Cockatrice the party gathered a Plume and decided to head back to town, complete some villager quests and generally sort out their items and equipment. Afterwards the party head to the Qu Marsh, where Dugald Gallivanter was able to meet with Quale.
After clearing the marsh of the Spiders, the party were treated to some stew, and Frog Tounge soup after Dugald’s short traning session.
Heading back into Lindblum the party continued preparing for the Bomb Quest, spending some time in Beymoths Behemoths. Sadly, Mogmakara was over confident in Nocturna, sending her her into the arena to her death as per the rules of the arena.
Verelis met with the LTCM workers in hopes of learning some Time Magic from one of the employees, to be told that it would be possible after the machine was repaired.
Dugald prepared a badge of Nocturna to help Mogmakara overcome his grief.

It did not go well, as Mogmakara had ran off from the Guild, hoping to improve himself and gain a new companion to prove useful to the group once-more.


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