Band of Arteus (FFIX)

Session 5

The party ate their lunch within Arteus, though Ryukishi wished to have a chat with the party afterwards. Trying to find Mogmakara lead to the party finding him absent with a letter of his leave alone into the misty world.
Shocked and frightened the party rushed off after their Moogle friend, finding him under attack by a Cactuar in the nearby woods, along with his new Lion Companion.
Deciding it was best to continue their travels as the deadline for the Bomb was close, the party continued eastwards, helping an injured treasure hunter on the bridge.
Another stop was made at the Chocobo Forest, where the party gained the allegiance of 6 chocobos. From there the party continued east and felt it best to detour to the beach to fine Mene that Okawa from Scaley Games asked the party to check up on. The party found the man dead, but proceeded to pillage his house.
Moving onto the cave, the party encountered Ragtime Mouse again and answered it’s question correctly.
The party proceeded to clear out most of Breaker’s Hide, felling the Bomb before it could explode.


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