Band of Arteus (FFIX)

Session 6

After clearing out the rest Kayden’s Cut, the party completed a simple puzzle involving the Sconces in the cave, revealing a chest.
From there the party went south to find Derek Beach, taking out the Lizard Men hunt they picked up prior to leaving Lindblum.
They rested in a nearby forest, moved onto the Chocobo forest and partook in some Chocobo Hot and Cold, getting some treasures and points. Having another stop off at the Qu Marsh, Dugald did 2 lots of Frog hunting, finally obtaining a Golden Frog and learning a new Spell.

The party returned to Lindblum, handing in their hunts, the Kobold bodies to Buckner, picking up some shopping, trying out synthesis and defeating the Zuu at Beymoth’s Behemoths.
The group picked up a Bastion quest at the Guild where they needed to tag along with Monit, to survive against waves of enemies, getting more pay the longer the fended off the Mist Monsters.
The party dealt with 2 waves, with Dugald almost falling towards the end, Mogmakara captured a White and Dire Fang, though he is wary towards if he can even summon them for help.


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